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Research policy

The production of original intellectual content is a key mission of ESSEC Business School.  Investing in research is necessary for any school that aims to stay relevant in the education landscape. Research activity contributes to a rich and fresh learning environment for students, and to create an intellectual community of expert scholars respected for their insight, relevance and reputation.

José-Miguel Gaspar, Associate Dean for Research

Support for research: our priorities

ESSEC maintains an institutional culture that favors the creation of high-quality research, mainly through the recruitment of research-oriented faculty hailing from some of the most prestigious institutions worldwide. In addition to a strong PhD program and a substantial number of staff members involved in research support activities, our 127 research professors generate a very significant flow of publications and help make ESSEC a significant player in business research in France and in Europe.

With the goal of transforming intellectual and material resources into research output in the most efficient way, three main principles guide our efforts:

A commitment to excellence

ESSEC encourages its research professors to addresses subjects that are both relevant to business and original. Consequently, this group of scholars publishes within some of the most highly regarded academic journals in the world including Academy of Management Review Society, Administrative Sciences Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Accounting Research and Organization Science among many others.

The most experienced professors from ESSEC are recognized experts and have strong leadership in research, as indicated by the large number of academic awards they receive. In 2014 and 2015 alone, ESSEC professors received 1​2 international awards.

An International Scope

In a globalized world, excellence means internationalization. These publications and awards would not have been possible without the active participation of professors within international research networks. This includes participation in international conferences of which ESSEC faculty attended almost 200 in 2014.

Our professor exchange programme between the Paris and Asia-Pacific campuses has also proved extremely helpful in developing research awareness on Asian issues and issues of special interest to Asian partners.

A focus on diversity

Not only does ESSEC strongly believe that excellence in teaching cannot be achieved without the appropriate research capabilities, we also believe that research capabilities in one field come with positive synergies with research capabilities in other fields. At department level, the interaction between experts helps support collaborative research. This explains our success in developing research across disciplinary frontiers.

Research Partners


In 2009, ESSEC entered a research agreement with Cergy-Pontoise University (UCP) and the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) THEMA, one of the principal research centers in applied microeconomics in France. Research within the THEMA research laboratory has mainly focused on economic policy issues involving international microeconomics and macroeconomics. The research synergies between ESSEC economists and the THEMA research lab have since gained substantial momentum.


Tricia Todd, Administrative Manager of the Research Center


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