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Why Study At ESSEC?

One of the toughest parts of a degree program is finding the right school for your needs. The school in which you pursue your program shapes your professional prospects and has a direct influence on how you accomplish your academic and career goals. Besides strong academics, you’ll want a school that will push you out of your comfort zone yet keep you motivated; a school that will support your aspirations and provide the real-world experience you need for career success. Above all, you’ll want a school that is backed by solid history, heritage and reputation....
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Preparing yourself for the job market in 2021

Wondering where demand for talent will come from in 2021? LinkedIn’s latest Singapore Jobs on the Rise report sheds light on key industries that have been propelled by Covid-19 and the resulting structural shifts. Below we highlight four key sectors that have been bolstered by the acceleration of digital transformation or retained their relevance for the future economy.
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What Career Support Services Can You Expect From ESSEC?

So you have successfully completed your Master’s program. What’s next? You will now have to put your lessons learned into practice, and call upon the contacts and network you have built throughout your program. This is also where the value of the program’s ability to fast-track your path to management is tested. But do not worry, because top schools like ESSEC offer career development and support services to help all participants in their journey.
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Maximize the ROI of Your Master’s Program

The return of investment (ROI) on a master’s degree comes in the form of the time taken to find a dream job and the salary earned. How do you minimize risks and maximize rewards? If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place.
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5 Ways an EMBA Can Catalyze Your Career Growth

Whether you’re looking to grow in your career or start your own business, doing an Executive MBA can equip you with valuable tools for a head start.

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