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Companies daily participate in the life of ESSEC. They take part in the training and education of our students and find their future talents among them.

We offer you to communicate and improve your visibility and reputation alongside our students, actively participating in the experiences that ESSEC offers them as soon as they join the School.

The “Student project experience” scheme

Each year, between December and June, teams of first-year Grande Ecole students work together on a hands-on study mission assigned by firms. This project is included in their curriculum and enables students to practically apply the principles acquired during their courses.

The GOING PRO program

Are you passionate about your professional activity and want to share your keys to success? Welcome a 1st-year student of the Grande École program for 4 days and share your daily working life, its challenges and successes.
Share your offers on the dedicated platform

The Consulting Project experience

Every year, students in the new Grand Ecole intake must validate Consulting Project experience: they carry out a professional assignment that a company develops for them. This assignment can be related to different themes linked to your company’s Business Development.
Students work in teams of five from December to June. They dedicate 2 half-days each week to the assignment, drawing up a market study, a budget, a business plan, etc.
A pedagogical team and a mentor within the company often coach the team.

The Digital Week Competition

Each year in January, the Digital Week Competition invites students on the ESSEC Specialized Masters programs to propose innovative digital strategies based on briefs proposed by participating companies. If your firm has a stake in digital strategy and implementation, consider becoming a partner of the event.

Create an Innovative Product (CPi)

The CPi program gathers engineering students, designers and marketers along with partner companies for them to work together on the creation of new products, services or processes.
If you want to know more about the CPi program, please consult the program’s dedicated website.

Strategic Development Project

Global MBA students, both experienced and with a very high level of English, are assigned to conducting a strategic analysis/survey for you which is either locally or internationally oriented.
The strategic Development Project is organized in two stages: students undertake a preparatory research project from April and then a study trip from July to August.

Short Story competition

During the first year of the Grande Ecole program, the 400 post-prépa students take language courses, including English with a focus on skills such as public speaking and storytelling.
The Short Storytelling Competition begins in January and lasts until April. Students are asked to write a 1,500-word short story on a broad theme that changes annually.
The students are supervised and work on the project during class. In each class, two winners are chosen. Overall, 50 short stories are selected and published by ESSEC.
The top three short stories are awarded a prize.

The "Project Management" workshop

During their first year at ESSEC, all the 400 Grande Ecole students attend a 4-day workshop sponsored by Accenture aimed at introducing a problem solving methodology. After a short presentation of the various modules of this methodology and with the help of their coaches from Accenture, students must turn theory into practice by working on a real-life strategic business case suggested by a partner company.
Do you have in mind a strategic business case critical to your firm? Don’t hesitate to become a partner of this event!

Aleksandra Plaine

Aleksandra Plaine

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