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Support our development: make ESSEC the beneficiary of your apprenticeship tax

ESSEC is committed to training responsible future leaders, who are ready and equipped to address major contemporary issues. Together, we accompany our talents towards becoming responsible and innovative so they can have a positive impact on society.

By donating the 13% contribution of your Apprenticeship Tax to ESSEC, you will be helping us further our mission and stand alongside us in our commitment.

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Support ESSEC's academic excellence: become a patron

Every year, many individuals and companies contribute to the development of ESSEC by becoming patrons. Patronage subsidies may be eligible for a reduction in corporate tax and go towards supporting ESSEC's academic excellence and reach.

Invest in research and benefit from the Research Tax Credit

Businesses who invest in basic research and experimental development can benefit from the research tax credit (crédit impôt recherche) by deducting their contribution from their taxes under certain conditions. The rate of this type of tax credit varies in proportion to the amount of the investment.

Contribute to ESSEC's academic excellence and support us!

β†’ Corporate partnerships team

β†’ Corporate partnerships team

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