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True to the humanist values ingrained in our French roots, our global business school must now, more than ever, infuse tomorrow’s leadership with meaning, by producing relevant knowledge and preparing our students to create and run companies and organizations that can have a positive impact on the world.

This ambition is reflected in our strategy, RISE, based on three strategic axes. We have named our 360-degree environmental and social transition plan “Together”. Its aim is to transform our training programs, our research, and life on our campuses in order to tackle environmental and social challenges. This requires innovation, experimentation, and the creation of new business and economic models.

ESSEC is equally committed to investing in its entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem through Enlightening Entrepreneurship, which aims to strengthen our course content, our incubation tools, and our support procedures, making ESSEC a unique platform for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators where uncertainty is seen as an opportunity and an invitation to act. ESSEC is aware that cutting-edge technologies are increasingly required to achieve social progress and sustainable economic development.

To this end, we have created the Metalab, a unique multidisciplinary ecosystem that combines expertise in hard sciences and social sciences to inform practices at the intersection of “Data, technology and society” and put people at the core of all decision-making processes.

In France, we are affiliated with CY Cergy Paris University, one of France’s youngest and most innovative universities. Together we are shaping a new institution, perfectly aligned with the ambition of RISE, in which the humanities, social sciences and technology are integrated around a common vision: become a place where solutions are found and skill sets are developed, creating maximum positive impact for future generations.

We are also actively involved in our local community and committed to achieving a positive regional impact through our initiatives. We are the number one beneficiary in France of the French Excellence Program in terms of the number of research laureates. We have raised more than 100 million euros in four years, enabling us to create an international visiting scholars program, recruit eight international professors, finance several chairs, and collaborate on more than 30 research projects. These funds have also allowed us to join EUTOPIA, a European university initiative, that includes universities such as Warwick, Gothenburg, Pompeu Fabra, VU Brussels and Ljubljana.

We are facing huge challenges, but we are ready to play our part as a higher education institution of excellence to “Enlighten, Lead and Change” our world, to create more value, and to make it more sustainable, inclusive and fair.

 Vincenzo Vinzi, Dean & President of ESSEC Business School


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