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A school of excellence for the leaders of tomorrow

In Europe and Asia, ESSEC offers a wide range of outstanding programs for students at all stages of learning. From bachelor’s degrees to PhDs - via its flagship Master of Science in Management, advanced master’s degrees, MBAs, EMBAs and the entire Executive Education program - ESSEC trains talented managers who can reconcile cutting-edge expertise, creativity, and international teamwork with a capacity to grasp the complexity of economic and social challenges.

Its 4 learning goals are as follows:

1/ Transferring knowledge into action
Students will master functional area concepts and integrate cutting-edge theories in order to successfully guide business practice. They will be able to push knowledge and practice further.

2/ Managing in uncertainty and complexity in a digital era
Students will demonstrate strong adaptative and anticipative abilities  to understand and solve complex business situations in an uncertain and increasingly digitized environment . They will do so by applying analytical, creative and implementation skills taking into account the organization’s social context.

3/ Exercising leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit
Students will be able to take the lead by mastering effective communication skills, by promoting empowerment and by inspiring cooperative behavior within diverse, multi-competencies and intercultural teams. They will be able to learn from failure and seize opportunities with an entrepreneurial mindset.

4/ Managing for sustainability and positive societal impact
Students will understand social, environmental and ethical challenges and learn how to reconcile them with economic objectives in order to have a positive impact on the organizations that they manage and thereby build a more sustainable world.

Each year, ESSEC delivers 2,000 degrees of which 1,600 are at Master’s level. The quality of ESSEC’s programs is widely recognized by international recruiters: 98% of students in the Master of Science in Management program were recruited within the 6 months following graduation. For participants in ESSEC’s Executive Education program, studying at ESSEC provides them with an undeniable career boost.

The singularity of ESSEC’s learning model is based on the constant concern to blend academic learning with in-the-field experience, and a tradition of continuous innovation enabling individuals to design their own tracks.


ESSEC encourages all its students to create their own learning paths and offers significant flexibility in the development of their academic career. This “design learning” concept underpins the structure of ESSEC’s programs and helps students progressively assert their autonomy through constant dialog with the school - while defining their future career.

ESSEC offers an extensive catalogue of courses, emphasizing the connection and mutual reinforcement between academic teaching, and professional and international experience. During the course of their studies, each student on the Master of Science in management program spends at least 18 months in-company and 9 months in an international stetting. Apprenticeships constitute a paticularly appropriate solution to blend professional experience and academic studies.


In January 2015, ESSEC gave students the opportunity, for the first time, to imagine the course of their dreams. “Build your own course” was a exchange session with professors which identified six courses, developed in dialogue with the students and approved as of summer 2015 as Small Private Online Courses (SPOC).


In Singapore, in partnership with Cap Gemini, ESSEC Grande Ecole students have the possibility to carry out consulting assignments over a period of 3 months with companies based in various countries around the Asia-Pacific region.

KNOWLEDGE LAB, a place for learning innovation

Today, innovation in learning and research is embodied in a single place:the Knowledge-Lab or K-Lab, inaugurated in December 2014 on ESSEC’s Cergy campus. A space for creativity and high-density technological learning, the K-Lab offers the opportunity to interact with experts and test, develop and model new ideas. Extensions of the K-Lab will open soon on the Singapore and La Défense campuses.

PedgoLab@ESSEC, the blog about pedagogic innovation at ESSEC

Led by the Dean's Office and the K-Lab, this blog aims to experiment, innovate and share methods and tools to take part in the transformation of pedagogy at ESSEC.
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