The respect for others

The charter for the respect of others

In January 2019, the ESSEC Group launched the Charter for the Respect of Others, the aim of which is to combat all hateful actions and forms of discrimination (sexist, racist,homophobic...). This document is sent to all our new students at the beginning of each academic year, by the services of the different programs and the Registrar. It must be read and signed by each first-time student entering all campuses. The Charter has thus acquired a binding force: it is brought to the attention of the entire ESSEC community (students, staff and faculty members) to commit to behaving in a way that respects others.

If you are aware of a behavior that doesn’t adhere to the charter, you can turn to a "reference person" designated within each training program (Grande École, Global BBA, Masters and Specialized Masters, MSc in Hospitality Management, Global MBA and continuing education programs in Executive education) or department.
All of these “reference people” have taken specific training so as to be able to gather the pertinent information and write up a report.

When questionable behavior occurs, the procedure is as follows:
1. A "reference person" can be contacted confidentially to report of a discriminatory behavior of which the student or the member of staff has been the victim or the witness.
2. An “ad-hoc” committee studies all the cases reported, and allows the Dean to take appropriate measures as needed.
3. When a case relating to a criminal act is reported, it is up to the Commission to explain to the student or to the staff member the complaint procedure to be followed and to propose to the Dean to take civil action.

In addition, many preventative measures have been taken in recent years by our institution, namely:
➔ Commitment to the #StOpE initiative which combats everyday sexism in the work world.
➔ Sensitization of all of the presidents of student groups and of any student organizing a major event to the respect of individuals and cultures and to the legal risks incurred.
➔ Sensitization of everyone to the devastating consequences of addiction, in line with the programme “C’est pas 1 option”, organised by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.
➔ Organization of events to make people more aware of gender stereotypes
➔ Participation by ESSEC representatives and students in external events and in studies regarding sexism, i.e. “The Barometer of Sexism”
➔ Salary negotiation workshops for students organized by the Gender Equality team in collaboration with Career Services.
➔ A communications campaign to raise awareness co-constructed with the student group HeforShe and the Bureaux des étudiants is currently being developed, with the campaign projected to begin in the first trimester of 2020.

Download the charter for the respect of others

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