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Faculty and Research

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Faculty and Research

As a citizen institution conscious of its duties to society, ESSEC aims to improve the management of organizations by producing and disseminating knowledge, concepts and methods in line with the challenges of the 21st century. ESSEC’s research goals are backed by the ESSEC Research Centre, founded in 1963.

Research Yearbook 2022
ESSEC Faculty, Research and Knowledge Creation


Faculty and Research

A department groups together professors who share complementary expertise in their discipline. Instruction and curriculum are developed and coordinated for all ESSEC programs in these departments under the management of the department head, who is chosen by his or her colleagues. ESSEC currently has eight departments.

Thought leadership

Faculty and Research

With the help of ESSEC's professoral expertise, our goal is to find solutions to tomorrow's challenges, guide our business partners, and participate in public debate. At the crossroads between cutting-edge research and teaching, between economic and societal issues, ESSEC's Centers of Excellence, Chairs and Centers play a role in the transmission and dissemination of academic knowledge.

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