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What you can expect

Where are our alumni now?

ESSEC BBA alumnus during an interview

30% enter the job market

  • 98% of students find a job within 6 months of graduation
  • 60% work in an international environment
  • Average starting salary of €43,000
  • Average salary after 5 years of graduating: €55,000
  • Major sectors where our graduates work: ICT, Luxury, Audit & Consulting, Business & Distribution, Food Processing, and Finance.
  • Their principal job functions are spread out as such:

Top Recruiters:

70% pursue a Master's degree

  • At ESSEC in the MSc in Management or the Advanced Master’s programmes
  • Or in the most prestigious universities worldwide i.e. London Business School, London School of Economics, Bocconi University, ESADE Business School, HSG St Gallen, Stanford University, University of Sydney, etc.

7% create their own companies

  • ESSEC Ventures and Antropia business incubators on the French campuses house start-ups and provide support in terms of coaching and resources. If you want to be an entrepreneur, ESSEC Business School provides you with the opportunity to join our in-house incubator, ESSEC Ventures and Antropia, which support you whilst you develop and launch your startup project. The ecosystem, reputation and networks of our school will ensure you make the most our of your project.
  • Our alumni with entrepreneurial talents include:
    • Corinne Vigreux, Class of 1987, Founder of “Tom-Tom”
    • Patrick Dalsace, Class of 1999, Creator of “La Fourchette”
    • Nicolas Wolfovski, Class of 2009, Creator of “La Fabrique du Sur-Mesure”
    • Louis Bataille and Guillaume Caffin, Class of 2011,  Creators of “Les Deux Gourmands”

Your career starts now

Support and guidance by our professionals

When you join ESSEC Business School, you join a community, yours! You will discover within the community, the power of ESSEC network.

ESSEC Alumni already has 50 000 graduates with diverse profiles dispersed in all corners of the world. With unique personalities, they share a common goal, to achieve their career objectives.

As you enter ESSEC, you become a member of ESSEC Alumni and you remain one forever. This is, in principal, the lifetime membership, that ESSEC has been the first French Business school with a global reach to put in place.

At each step, before and after your course, ESSEC Alumni allows you to:

  • find an internship or a job in France or abroad
  • manage your professional progression
  • switch career paths, become entrepreneurs or independent consultants
  • facilitate exchange with professionals with common goals
  • maintain contact with your cohort and the community.

Discover all the services and facilities offered by ESSEC Alumni here.

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