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Academic choices

How do I choose where to begin my studies?

You can start either in France, Singapore, or Rabat and the decision is yours to make! Courses on each campus are the same, so it depends on your interests and career plan. No matter on which campus you start your studies, ESSEC Business School will deliver the same Global BBA diploma. 

When you start your online application, you will be asked which campus you would like to start your studies on. 

What is the IBEA track?

This stands for the International Business Education Alliance. To follow this track, you can start at either one of the ESSEC campuses, Cergy or Singapore. At the end of the 1st year, the best applicants will be selected at ESSEC as well as at the 4 partner universities. Students then come together from all the schools and travel and study together to spend S4 at Mannheim, S5 at the University of South Carolina, S6 at ESSEC in Singapore, and S7 at FGV in Rio.

What are the areas we can specialize in?

There are no majors but there is a whole range of electives. There are around 50 courses per semester that students can choose to study in the 3rd & 4th years. These can be in communications, e-commerce, e-marketing, etc. You don’t just specialise in your courses but also in your internships. This is very important because you build your career based on what you are going to do in your internships.

How do I get selected for an exchange or double degree?

On top of the intercampus mobility, all students spend at least one semester on an international exchange program within our partner network of +175 partner universities in 45 countries. These are all explained to you at the end of the 1st year. Some universities require a certain level of language proficiency. When competition is high for some spots, decisions are made based on your academic results from the first semester.


What is the interview policy?

If you are shortlisted after reviewing your application, you will be invited for an interview via video conference using Zoom facilities. 

What should I expect for my interview?

The purpose of the interview is to assess your motivation for pursuing a Global BBA, your professional/personal goals, and your potential fit with the program. All interviews are carried out in English and last on average 30 minutes. 

The Jury is usually composed of 2 members: a member of the ESSEC Faculty, a manager from the administrative staff at ESSEC, or a professional. 

How long should the reference letters be?

You don't have to worry about them. Reference letters will have to be filled out online by your referees.

It is your responsibility to enter the details of your referees correctly onto your application online to allow them to receive the link and fill out the letter. 

Should my reference letters be professional or academic?

Both reference letters have to be uploaded by your academic referees (Counsellors, Professors, Dean of your school...).  Besides, you can add a professional reference letter if you want to, but it is not mandatory.  

May I submit additional reference letters?

Additional letters are accepted under the condition that they provide a unique insight into a candidate's profile. 

What if my referee doesn't speak English well?

Reference letters can also be submitted in French (only for the Cergy campus). 

What is an enrollment certificate?

It is a letter from your current high school, stamped and signed, that testifies to your enrollment, attendance, and your expected graduation date. 

After confirming my place at ESSEC Global BBA, how should I start my enrollment?

Once you have confirmed your place, you will receive an email from our Admissions team with a link to start your enrollment on the Office of the Registrar's platform: https://www.officeoftheregistrar.essec.edu/

How do I choose the campus?

You can start either in France or in Singapore and the decision is yours to make! The courses on each campus are the same so this depends on your interests and career plan. When you start your online application, you will be asked which campus you wish to start the programme on. 

What is the academic level required to get into the Bachelor's?

Our students come from all over the world and schools, diplomas, and education systems are extremely varied. It of course depends on the prestige and reputation of your high school and/or diploma and naturally your academic grades and record up to now. Your academic record must be way above the average with consistent or increasing results. You will be asked to present your transcripts and 2 academic reference letters as part of the application. It is however equally important to show your motivation and your get across your personality. If you have any questions, our Ambassadors, Recruitment, and Admissions team can advise you.

Praticalities/Student life

I would like to talk to a current student, how can I contact him?

You can contact our Ambassadors in France, Rabat and Singapore via ESSEC Talks. On a case-by-case basis, the Admissions Office can put admitted students in contact with alumni or current students. For privacy reasons, we discourage that you contact alumni or current students directly without an introduction from ESSEC.

What about transportation options?

If you choose to live in Cergy, walking and public transportation are easy solutions for getting to campus. If you have a car, parking spaces are available in the residence halls and at the school. Cergy is well-served by public buses and also has a public bike rental program. In terms of transport to and from Paris, there is a train (Transilien line L) that goes to Saint-Lazare station. The RER A (also a train), runs all day and serves several locations throughout central Paris. ESSEC is located at the RER Station called Cergy-Préfecture. The commute to most areas in Paris takes around 45 minutes. 

If you choose to start in Singapore, public transport is very efficient and convenient. Singapore subways are fast and cheap. MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) trains' frequencies are 2-3 minutes during weekday peak hours and 4-6 minutes during non-peak hours and weekends. The nearest MRT stations near the Asia Pacific Campus are One-north MRT (Circle line) - 3 minutes walk from ESSEC's rear entrance on Level 3 & Buona Vista MRT (East-West Line) - 7 minutes walk north from ESSEC's main entrance on Level 1. 

How do you help students upon arrival?

You will have an induction week on both campuses. The first few days include a formal presentation and then a help desk (registrar) will help you to sort out all the administrative processes (student card, library, etc..). These will then be followed by 2 days of team-building exercises. 

Do I need to speak French before coming to ESSEC?

You do not need to speak French before coming to ESSEC Business School. The academic language of the programme is English so you will have no problem at all with the courses.

For everyday life on the Cergy campus (and in Paris in general), it will be much easier however, if you master basic proficiency in French we encourage you to embrace learning the language as well as of course other foreign languages. If you are considered a beginner, in your 1st year, you will have 6 hours of French classes per week on different subjects i.e. business, day-to-day, etc. An additional 3 hours will be spent learning another language.

Extra-curricular activities?

There is always something going on, on and around campus. Campus life is very vibrant. There is a vast (more than 100!) variety of student clubs and associations for all interests (sports, music, etc.) and there are lots of facilities around the campus too.

Integration of French & international

Students mix easily thanks to student associations, sports clubs, team-building activities, networking opportunities, parties, and the halls of residence, etc. You can mix not only between the different nationalities within the Global BBA programme but with students in all the different programmes at ESSEC.

Do you have on-campus accommodation?

ESSEC has four halls of residence on and near the ESSEC France campus. Through ALEGESSEC (ESSEC’s student housing association), ESSEC Business School offers comfortable and well-equipped rooms and studio apartments near the campus, as well as other amenities to help simplify day-to-day life. You can choose to reserve a room on campus or if you prefer you can live in the city in private accommodation.
More information concerning accommodation on the French campus

There are no halls of residence on the Singapore campus but housing support is provided and apartments/condos tend to be passed down from student to student.

During the second year of studies, you will have the possibility to apply for intercampus mobility to Rabat (Morocco). Residences on campus are available.  

Do I need a visa?

If you are an EU citizen, you do not require a visa. A valid ID card or passport is sufficient.

For non-EU countries, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find out if you need to apply for a visa. If this is the case, you should then contact the nearest French consulate. For more details, you can download the visa brochure made available by ESSEC's Office of Student Affairs. 

For Singapore: an E-solar application form for the student pass with instructions will be sent to you by email. It costs around S$30 and takes up to 5 working days to process. You will then receive by email from ESSEC, the in-principle approval (IPA) letter which allows you to enter Singapore.

Visit the Office of the Registrar website here. 

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