ESSEC Global BBA - Applying with an International High School Diploma

Valerie, Alumna testimonial (Global BBA)

Global BBA, Alumna 2011

Shrey, international student testimonial (Global BBA)

Global BBA student from India

Jing Yi, student testimonial (Global BBA)

1st year English track student from Singapore

Maria, student testimonial (Global BBA)

1st year English track student from Colombia

Student and staff testimonies about Global BBA in Singapore

Discover the Global BBA program in Asia-Pacific campus

Akarsh, student testimonial (Global BBA)

The Global BBA Experience

My First Year at ESSEC BBA - First impressions

Discover the experience of 4 students in their first year

My First Year at ESSEC - International applications

Stressed about submitting your application...

Nikita, student testimonial from Bangalore, India (Global BBA)

"The courses are very different, more focused on soft skills"

Shiqiu, international student testimonial (Global BBA)

"ESSEC gives me the opportunity to be myself and do international exchanges"

Ziyue, student testimonial (Global BBA)

"We have a lot of opportunities and freedom."

Alexandre, student testimonial (Global BBA)

"ESSEC Asia-Pacific offers a great environment to study"

ESSEC Global BBA a multicultural environment

A unique learning experience in a multicultural environment

Get together "Careers in Asia"

ESSEC Asia-Pacific get-together between ESSEC students, ESSEC alumni and corporate guests

Students share their professionnal experiences with ESSEC Global BBA | ESSEC Testimonies


My First Year at ESSEC Global BBA - The International Community | ESSEC Testimonies


Meet Alima Cisse, ESSEC Global BBA student from Senegal


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