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Plan Your Finances

An MBA is a big investment in time and money. Therefore it’s important to make sure that you have all the financial support you need before you start the MBA. At ESSEC Business School, we offer a range of scholarships to support you in your MBA journey.

Tuition and Application Fees

Application fee for the Global MBA for the 2020-2021 academic year is 130€ for all majors.

Tuition for the ESSEC Global MBA is dependent on your major of choice.

Major of ChoiceTuition Fees
Strategy & Management major €50,000 for AY2020-2021
Luxury Brand Management major €50,000 for AY2020-2021
Strategy & Digital Leadership major SGD81,900 (Inclusive of GST) for AY2020-2021

The tuition fee covers all academic courses, seminars, and business trips.

Items not included in the tuition fees are:

  • Living Costs (Covering housing, food, and others)
    • France: Approximately €900 - 1,000/month
    • Singapore: Approximately S$1000 - 2500/month
  • Additional Costs:
    • Alumni association life-long membership (€1,600 distributed in annual installments over the program duration)
    • Textbooks and course materials;
    • Compulsory health and liability insurance as required by law (certificate to be provided upon arrival);
    • Sports and leisure


Bank Loans

As an ESSEC participant, you may be eligible for a preferential rate bank loan with the Cergy branch of LCL, which covers full tuition and is repaid starting at the end of your first year of work. Please be advised that loan applicants are strictly required to have a guarantor living in France. According to the banks, the guarantor must earn enough to cover the monthly loan payments but also either be a French citizen, a close family member and/or both. Additional fees and expenses will be the responsibility of the participant.

Prodigy Finance

Participants from 150 different nationalities looking to apply to the Global MBA program may apply to Prodigy Finance loans. Contrary to the banks in France, Prodigy does not require a collateral or co-signer. These loans are granted on the participant's future earning potential and do not take into account credit history. Interested candidates may apply online on the Prodigy website. There is no hidden fee or early repayment fee. Interest rates may vary depending on individual profiles. Funds are directly dispersed to the school in euro (€), thus no exchange rates are borne by the participant. The sooner you apply, the better. We advise you to carefully go through the Prodigy website to check on your eligibility before applying.

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Find out more about the scholarships available.
Candidates can apply for only 1 out of the 5 scholarships marked with an asterisk (*). Scholarship decisions for ESSEC Scholarships will be communicated in tandem with admissions results.

ESSEC Scholarships

Early Action

Scholarship Amount:

Round 1: €2,000 / SGD3,000

Round 2: €2,000 / SGD3,000

Eligibility: The Early Action Scholarships will be awarded to enrolled candidates who submit their applications in the corresponding Admissions Rounds.

Early Bird

Scholarship Amount: €3000 / SGD4,500

Eligibility: Candidates will have to confirm their enrolment in the program and submit the deposit fee within 2 weeks from the date of your decision letter.

European Nationality Scholarship*

Eligibility: First 10 enrolled candidates with EU or EEA Nationality.

Application Process: Candidates will only need to indicate that they would like to apply for this scholarship on our online application platform.

High Potential Scholarship*

Eligibility: Candidates with a GMAT score of 700 or higher or the equivalent for the GRE.

Application Process: Candidates will only need to indicate that they would like to apply for this scholarship on our online application platform.

Fast Fair Reduction Scholarship*

Eligibility: Candidates who are successfully enrolled in the program within one month of having met an ESSEC representative at an MBA fair for the first time.

Application Process: Candidates will need to indicate that they would like to apply for this scholarship on our online application platform, and submit evidence of fair registration and attendance.

Diversity Scholarship*

Selection Criteria: Candidates who bring demographic, intellectual, and experience diversity.

Application Process: Candidates will need to indicate that they would like to apply for this scholarship on our online application platform, and upload an additional 500-800 word essay as part of their supporting documents.

The essay should explain what is interesting or notable about their demographic, educational, work experience, and/or international background, and how that will contribute to the industry/profession they want to join and the participant experience during the program.

Leadership Scholarship*

Selection Criteria: Candidates who have demonstrated entrepreneurial drive, an ability to lead and manage in uncertainty, and made an impact on their organization/society through transformational change/sustainability initiatives. Examples include candidates who have started their own company or managed a strategic initiative in the organization. In these initiatives, candidates should clearly be in the forefront of running the initiative.

Application Process: Candidates will need to indicate that they would like to apply for this scholarship on our online application platform, and  upload an additional 500-800 word executive summary as part of their supporting documents.

The executive summary should describe their leadership initiative(s) using the STAR framework (Situation, Tasks, Actions, Results), along with accompanying materials such as a website or literature about the company they created, or sustainability, strategic or change initiatives they spearheaded, which should be appended at the end of the document.

If accompanying materials are not available, candidates should indicate (at the end of the document) at least 1 reference with whom we can discuss their leadership initiatives.

Partner Scholarships

ESSEC-QS Future Leader Scholarship

In conjunction with QS, ESSEC Business School offers a generous scholarship to the winner of an essay contest. To qualify, all applicants must have attended a QS event, and are to prepare an essay of about 500 words, on the following topic: "Describe how you have so far demonstrated excellence in leadership". This scholarship is awarded to those who demonstrate the strongest leadership potential through their essay. A strong admissions file, and financial need are also factors for consideration.

ESSEC USA Alumni International Leadership Award - Philippe Mathé Fellowship

€5,000 / SGD7,500

"International Leadership Award - Philippe Mathé Fellowship" of 5,000€ for qualified candidates who have an undergraduate degree from a US, Canadian or Mexican university, or who have significant professional experience in the US, Canada, or Mexico.

Serge Bellanger French-American Business Scholarship


The scholarship is offered by the French-­American Chamber of Commerce Foundation to American students interested in pursuing an MBA in France. Worth $10,000, the scholarship is merit based with financial need taken into consideration. 

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The Firmenich Scholarship (Luxury Brand Management major only)


The scholarship is offered by Firmenich to candidates interested in pursuing the Global MBA Luxury Brand Management Major only. The candidate must demonstrate financial need.

L'Oréal Scholarship (Luxury Brand Management major only)


Since 1995, L’Oréal has encouraged the development of the Luxury Brand Management Major as a welcome initiative to prepare top-notch managers with multicultural experience and a flair for luxury brands. L’Oréal thus decided to award a scholarship in order to encourage particularly international and creative applicants to follow the MBA.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program was established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to enable French higher education institutions to attract top foreign students. It aims to support higher education of future foreign decision-makers of the private and public sectors.

Eligibility: This program is reserved for non-French candidates not older than 30 years old.

Application Details: ESSEC submits applications for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship on behalf of candidates based on the suitability of their profiles.

Deadline: January 9th 2020

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