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The MSc in Hospitality Management, what we all call IMHI, was founded in 1981 and is a program that boasts a remarkable 40 years of excellence, leadership and strategic partnerships with industry pioneers around the globe. Our strength comes through our commitment to shaping the future of the hospitality sector through education, innovation, and strategic networking.

In an era where the hospitality industry faces new challenges, IMHI is a vanguard, offering a Master's Degree beyond traditional education. It seeks to cultivate inspired and impactful leadership capable of navigating a dynamic landscape and enlightening those who work alongside them. 

What sets IMHI apart is its innovation through customization. Our students can select from six concentrations: Digital Leadership, Food and beverage Innovations, Real Estate in Hospitality, Responsible Entrepreneurship, Luxury Experiences, and Sustainable Hospitality. This allows you to tailor your education to your interests and explore cutting-edge knowledge through in-class projects, corporate case studies, competitions, and consultation experiences.

IMHI offers two experience-generating tracks, internship and apprenticeship, that ideally integrate professional engagement with innovative study paths.

In IMHI, we are proud of the most prominent and strongest hospitality alumni association, with over 1700 members, all successful in their respective fields. This network's connections and mentorship opportunities will be invaluable for your personal and professional growth.

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Prof. Michail TOANOGLOU
Academic Director 


Executive Director 

Become a Leader in the Hospitality Industry

Build upon a strong legacy in Hospitality Management

With 40 years of experience in hospitality management, ESSEC offers a unique experience with the renowned MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI). Originally named Institut de Management Hôtelier International (IMHI), the program was initially created in 1981 as a joint venture between Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and Essec Business School, a partnership that lasted for 25 years.

Broaden your career horizons

Recognized worldwide as a leading hospitality management program, the MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI) is designed to prepare the next generation of young professionals to become leaders in the various areas of tourism and hospitality. Both demanding and rewarding, this incredible learning experience will add a whole new dimension to your career.

ESSEC’s World Class International Faculty

You will have the privilege of being taught by ESSEC’s world renowned faculty, which is comprised of more than 135 individuals, representing 35 nationalities and coming from the world’s most prestigious institutions.

You will also have the opportunity to regularly participate in classes and seminars led by experts that are recognized internationally and in different fields of hospitality for their research interests and teaching specializations, as well as by senior executives from partner companies.

1 degree 2 tracks

IMHI, ESSEC’s world-class MSc in Hospitality program, prepares participants for a range of careers in hospitality. Not only are they provided with advanced instruction in all areas of management throughout the 2-year program, but they are also given the liberty to design their own journey. Participants select their own hands-on and paid professional experience in the form of internship or an apprenticeship.

6 concentrations

Design your own learning experience - choose between 6 concentrations

One unique feature of the program is its flexibility. Students acquire advanced knowledge in all areas of management, ranging from human resources management to corporate finance. Still, they are also able to design their journey by choosing from among 6 concentrations, each of them with a distinct focus that embraces a best-of-both-worlds approach — academic and professional. 

  • Digital Leadership: In today’s digital world, travel and hospitality are among the top services sold online. This concentration focuses on developing the skills and competencies necessary to work in this highly complex field, whether it be the hotel industry or OTA.
  • Real Estate & Development: The increasing financial nature of the hospitality business and the growing importance of asset management in corporate strategy give rise to new challenges in the real estate sector. Prepare yourself to work in such dynamic roles by enhancing your knowledge of real estate finance and related issues.
  • Entrepreneurship: Taught in collaboration with ESSEC Ventures, this concentration provides the tools, knowledge, and support for students interested in developing their project or company.
  • Luxury Experiences Management: By offering specialized courses on luxury hotel operations, branding, and hotel concept development, this concentration focuses on brand management in the luxury hospitality sector.
  • Sustainable Hospitality: Created to answer to the current need for a new set of skills among hospitality managers to include new perspectives and business practices, that take the environmental and social aspects of any business decision and their financial dimension into account. This concentration equips participants to manage sustainable actions in the tourism, travel & hospitality industry in a very practical way
  • Beyond Food & Beverage: This concentration will give you all the necessary management core concepts and skills to plan, organize and control food service operations

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Discover the possibilities with Boston University and ESSEC

Live and learn in France and the US

In a promising initiative formalized in 2020, ESSEC Business School’s MSc in Hospitality program and Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration have teamed up to offer a unique opportunity to students. Participants enrolled in either program can now opt to earn part of their Master’s degree abroad, at their respective partner campus, gaining access and exposure to an even broader range of expertise and opportunities. This includes courses taught by internationally-recognized industry practitioners at both world-class institutions, as well as internships in Europe and the United States.

Learn more: Academic Partner: Boston University - School of Hospitality Administration - USA

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