Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics (DSBA) - ESSEC & CentraleSupélec

Guillaume Chevillon & Laurent Alfandari, Academic Directors, briefly describe this top ranked Master

Data Sciences, Business Analytics & Digital Strategy

Sarah Bourial - A journey from Economics to Data Science & Business Analytics

The unique benefits offered by Singapore campus

Jan Ondrus explains Apple Pay in 3 min

"What makes or breaks a mobile payment platform?"

Valentina (M1+M2) from Italy on how ESSEC gives wide range of career opportunities

The mix of Engr. & Business creates a strong prof. profile

French student Antoine (M2) on how career oriented DSBA program develops numerous skills

I'm ready to face all issues in the professional world

Cynthia's journey (M2) from Lebanon to working as Senior Business Intelligence Analyst in Paris

This hybrid program introduced me to a whole new world

Håkon from Norway (M1+M2) on the advantages of DSBA as it introduces Business early in the program

You thrive at ESSEC & CentraleSupélec!

Matthew (M1+M2) from Switzerland shares how the program opened numerous doors for him

This program taught me way more than I expected

French student Hugo (M1+M2) shares what to expect from the program and its top professors

Dive in the world of Data Sciences with 2 leading schools

Nadezda from Russia (M2) on how the program and 3M scholarship inspired her to conquer new heights

The ideal program for career shaping

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