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ESSEC Asia-Pacfic Campus - front entrance

At the vanguard of Asia’s development, Singapore is an attractive destination for multinational corporations. Since 2005, ESSEC’S third campus has been ushering its students into the heart of a major economic, commercial and financial crossroads, offering an ideal platform for understanding the forces, complexity, diversity and challenges of a key region in the 21st century.

Established since 2005, ESSEC Asia-Pacific has welcomed over 5,000 students and managers. In January 2015, ESSEC moved into a five-storey, 6,500 m2 new campus at Nepal Hill @ One-North, an area dedicated to education and innovation, and is home to academic institutions, business incubators, high-tech companies and world-class research facilities.

The campus allows ESSEC to further its growth ambition in the Asia-Pacific region. Through the campus, the school delivers quality business programs totally or partially taught in Singapore and other major cities, build closer ties with academic and corporate partners in the region, and develop influential research.

ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus

If you choose to study at this very safe and elegant campus, expect the strong presence of multinational firms that can provide access into the promising future of Asia. Like all campuses of ESSEC, the level of the educational systems is world-class. You could use your experience at the Asia-Pacific campus as a gateway into Asia, or as a rich experience to boost your career in other parts of the world. Whatever your choice will be: once you are part of our diverse community of students, trained in a stable, yet vibrant economy with the typically Singaporean high ease of doing business, you will be optimally prepared to take future challenges head on.

Choose the Asia-Pacific Campus if:

  • You are attracted to the immense potential Singapore as gateway to Asia has to offer;
  • You enjoy being part of diverse group of students, pursuing a degree in a world-class educational system;
  • You wish to immerse yourself in a blend between East and West, in a safe and secure environment with top-of-the-bill infrastructure;
  • You are ready to reap the benefits of a fast-growing and welcoming economy, full of business opportunities;
  • You would like to add the Asian way of doing business to your portfolio of competencies.

Eager to discover the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus in Singapore? Let our Student Ambassador Chloé Dauvillier take you through her inspiring journey at ESSEC Asia-Pacific.

Student Associations

At ESSEC Asia-Pacific, we do our best to support our students to make ESSEC a fun place to learn, socialize and experience local cultures. Student leadership at ESSEC Asia-Pacific consists of representatives from each cohort who are either elected or appointed. Over the years, our students have founded many clubs and associations with a wide variety of themes, namely:

1. Interactions, Competitions & Entrepreneurship

2. Arts. Culture and Media

3. Sports, Outdoors and Wellness

4. Community Service

 Catch a glimpse of the vibrant student life at ESSEC Asia-Pacific!


There is always something for everyone! Find out more about our student associations in our blogsite.


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