Since 2020, Management, Strategy

Research themes that excite me center around digital innovation and coopetition. Contexts that interest me study the transfer of knowledge in contexts that initiate a trade-off between revealing or not revealing information, and the idea development in the early stages of ventures in virtual settings.

Some questions that I am currently working on are:
• How is knowledge transfer achieved in emerging new organizational forms or organizations switching from physical to hybrid mode?
• How can organizations initiate mechanisms to foster cooperation, e.g. knowledge revealing and transfer, in coopetitive contexts?
• How do program design aspects in physical vs. virtual settings impact venture idea development in incubators and accelerators?
• How can young ventures pitch their ideas in ways to maximize their odds of campaign success in a virtual setting such as crowdfunding?

I attempt to study these questions in contexts such as incubators, accelerators, and crowdfunding platforms.