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Why The ESSEC Global MBA is A Key Piece In Your Career Strategy

No matter how successful one’s career may be, proving that you have relevant experience and sufficient technical knowledge are some of the hurdles to cross when embarking on a career switch across industries. Hear from Santiago Xavier Elizalde about how the ESSEC Global MBA (GMBA) helped him take his shot. Read the article

An MBA that lets you discover the world

The future, as the classic one-liner goes, is here. With the digital age, the way we do business has changed and its constant evolution means that leaders require unprecedented mental and strategic agility.
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ESSEC Global MBA visit to Amazon web service in Singapore

The GMBA students were invited for an office visit at Amazon Web Service – Singapore location. With a warm welcome from AWS APAC Business Development team, we had a chance to learn more about Amazon's overall culture as well as their cloud computing department. As Amazon is currently a leading technology giant, our group was so excited to hear directly from the team’s first-hand working experiences as well as talking to other MBA students from our neighbor universities.
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One transformative experience, two continents: three MBA graduates share their journey

With an opportunity to study in France and Singapore, an innovative curriculum, an intimately-sized cohort, and liberal facetime with the academic faculty, the ESSEC Global MBA program has been quietly hailed as a transformative experience. But what does transformation mean? Here’s a first-hand account.
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The formative transformation of ESSEC's global leaders

The 12-month ESSEC Global MBA (GMBA) is ranked 2nd in Asia by QS. As a testament to this, more than half of its graduates successfully switch sectors, change functions, or move to a new country for work. Yet, with the uncertainties brought by the pandemic, committing to a global program can come with risks. We speak to the current Global MBA Student Ambassadors – who will graduate in the unpredictability of 2021 – about why they boldly took the plunge.
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Global MBA: Strategy and Digital Leadership Major

One of the two majors available under ESSEC’s internationally recognized, bi-continental Global MBA (GMBA), the Strategy & Digital Leadership track equips participants with a macro view of core business functions and a strong understanding of digital transformation – a skillset highly sought after by employers, which gives graduates an immediate advantage over their peers when entering the workforce.
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Top Ways to Maximize the ROI of an MBA

Choosing to pursue an MBA is a major investment. Find out how to maximize your ROI with ESSEC Business School. What makes a Master in Business Administration (MBA) valuable is its ability to accelerate your vertical and horizontal career growth. Yet, program acceptance is only the first step. These four strategies can help ensure your investment is worthwhile.
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 Life After an ESSEC Global MBA

With 9 in 10 businesses engaged in digital transformation in 2020, and employers increasingly looking out for digital leaders to spearhead organizational initiatives, one must adapt and focus on building a foundation in areas including big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT), machine learning, and more.
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What ROI Can You Expect After an ESSEC MBA?

It is no secret that an MBA can uplift your career and positively impact your lifetime earnings. Some employers look to hire specific MBA graduates for senior leadership roles, while others have used their MBA to break out of their career rut, gain entry into executive management, or even pivot into a new industry or role entirely.
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 A Springboard for Personal and Career Growth

With an equal focus on both depth and breadth, the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA (EMBA) program was both a practical and transformational experience for Stephenie Teo.
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Unlocking Clarity and Confidence From an MBA Experience

For Divya Tolath, ESSEC Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) class of 2020, the MBA was key to her career breakthrough.
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Forging a New Way of Thought

ESSEC Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) program is known for its transformative experience. To Jeff Fraser, a Michigan-native from the GMBA class of 2019, that meant developing a smarter, sharper, and more succinct way of thinking.
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An MBA Experience: Decoding the Language of Business 

Actionable Insights From an MBA to Accelerate Career Growth

Many take on an MBA with the goal of pivoting their career paths and moving to a new industry. Not Mo Dirani. After six years of banking experience in liquidity and risk management, his interest in finance had only deepened. What he wanted to do was to take his knowledge to the next level.
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Responsible Leadership and Sustainability course (Five-part feature)

As conversations on the industrial impact on the environment intensify, it is almost impossible to continue with “business as usual”. Committed to changing the narrative, ESSEC Asia-Pacific launched its Responsible Leadership and Sustainability module to equip tomorrow’s business leaders with the knowledge, conviction and daring to drive a greener future.


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