From the Parent's Perspective: Forging Dreams and Unlocking Ambitions


22-year-old Simran Hathiramani first stepped through the gates of ESSEC Asia-Pacific in 2018. Today, she has made it to the coveted Dean’s List every single semester and is about to complete her Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA). We speak to Simran and her father, Mukesh Hathiramani, about how ESSEC has made her who she is today.


Let’s circle back to 2018. What made ESSEC Asia-Pacific the ideal school?

Simran Hathiramani: I went with ESSEC primarily because of the flexibility of the program. I’m exposed to a global experience, and for my internship, I can choose to do it in Singapore or overseas.

I also chose ESSEC because I felt that the internships would give me an edge — the GBBA has three compulsory internships, so students have at least ten months of work experience.

That really gives you an added edge, right? When you have six months or more work experience than another student, a company is more likely to hire you.

Mr. Mukesh Hathiramani: It was most important that Simran would fit in and be happy. It was also essential for her to pursue what she wanted so it would be meaningful for her. Honestly, it was a decision entirely up to her, and I think she found that place.

We were not worried about sending her overseas as we are quite broad-minded as parents. We believe the child needs to see the real world and figure things out for themselves — the little things like commuting, electricity. Simran has excelled.


She definitely has. We’ve heard she’s gone above the compulsory three internships while being in ESSEC. What’s the secret?

Simran: Yeah, JP Morgan will be the ninth. When I went for my internships, I might work in the morning and come to school in the evening or the other way around.

 It was intense because we have around 11 modules a semester. But one of my friends would take the notes for one course, and we would share it, and then another would take the notes for another course, and we’d share that too.

It made it simpler to study, and there was no secrecy or unhealthy competitiveness. We would help each other, and although we want to do well for ourselves, we were there for each other, too.

Mr. Hathiramani: Simran is very ambitious. When she sets her mind on something, she knows how to work for it. I think she’s achieved this because of her hard work and because of the guidance of the school — the professors have been instrumental in shaping her.


Looking back at the last few years, any words of wisdom for other students or parents?

I would definitely recommend not to leave things to chance and to plan for your exchange and internships. Network, so if you are applying to a company for a job, be sure to look up on LinkedIn if any ESSEC alumni are working there and reach out to them for a coffee chat.

But also find balance and don’t take yourself so seriously. Have fun, make memories, travel, and step out of your comfort zone. Make full use of the opportunities you have because you only get one college life, so don’t waste it.

Mr. Hathiramani: I’m short of words to describe the person that Simran is today, but I think she can face any situation given to her. She has surpassed all my expectations.

I am happy to tell other parents that ESSEC is a wonderful school. It's got the right staff, guidance, and opportunities for your child to flourish.

For students, open up, be confident, and know that you can achieve anything that you want if you set your mind to it. Singapore is a lovely place.


For more information about the program, please visit: https://www.essec.edu/en/program/global-bba/global-bba-international/


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